In the knowledge that new readers could arrive at any time we provide this reminder of what hasn’t been going on with your humble authors…

Hidden in a dark Singapore alleyway, international man of mystery Dave Jackson hugged the shadows, his precious cargo clutched to his chest. He had killed for this tiny package, risked the wrath of insane Eastern crime lord Junius and all for king and country.

He peeked his head out of the alleyway in which he had been waiting out the daylight hours. The night had closed in and he had only hours to reach his rendezvous and sanctuary.

Trusting in the concealing darkness, Agent Jackson ran out into the street and straight into the arms of two of Junius’ chief enforcers.

‘Well, what have we here?’ asked the smaller of the two men, a scrawny devil in a sharp suit clutching a shotgun in his hands. So this was the infamous James Ashelford, a stone cold killer without mercy or better nature. Behind him stood Matthew “Legbreaker” Charman, rumoured to be the power behind the throne in the Junius organization now the old fool was losing his grip on reality.

‘The boss wants to see you, Jackson,’ Legbreaker said, hauling Jackson up by his shoulders. ‘Agent Jackson.’

Now read on…

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