Today we stand on the brink of a new dawn. For millennia, man has been trapped, imprisoned. But the greatest oppression is not of the body, but of the mind. It is the mind which keeps us in shackles of our own making, leaving us slave to emotion and subject to the frailties of our biological captor.

The human brain is the most sophisticated device ever created, capable of computational power beyond the dreams of the greatest machine. An ever expanding array of memories may be stored, accessed, relived. The brain may look at a thousand seemingly identical faces and recognise in an instant its desired target. We hold within us the key to the future, to our future, yet many do not yet understand.

For all its marvels, the mind is its own worst enemy. It distracts us with cravings and desires. It leads us astray. It refuses to work as we require it to, and when. It discards vital data yet retains trivia, irrelevancy, weakness and emotion.

The mind also presents itself with its own obstacles. We are held back, not our material failings, but by our belief in them. The most powerful system of domination maintains its rule not through guns and torture, but through the compliance of the governed, by their belief that that which is has always been and always must be. The oppressor is strongest when he is able to put away his gun and close down his torture chambers, for they are unnecessary. The oppresed obey willingly, seemingly of their own accord, building the gallows on which they shall be hung with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts.

The fight for our own liberation, then, begins with the control of the mind, and its freeing from those influences which would hold it back. To strip away the clutter of frail humanity and see the human as it truly is, freed to reach its highest potential. To move beyond human nature to something more.

We stand here today with a new world in our hearts. The future is our own, an inheritance yet to be built for those who are yet to come. We are here to deliver a message to awaken the world from its stupor, to fire the opening shot in a war against ourselves. We have seen what others shall see, and today, we claim our place in history.

The underground auditorium erupted in applause, a crowd of disciples eager to spread the word. Amidst the commotion, the Preacher never saw the man at the back, nor heard the rifle as it locked to its target and released a single shot.

That one shot was all he needed. As applause and rapture turned to chaos and confusion, the man quietly packed away his weapon and left the building. Somewhere in the night, a trumpet sounded.

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